Dr. Rick Miners, PhD, R. Psych

Dr. Rick Miners, PhD, R. Psych


Dr. Rick Miners completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Concordia University and is a Registered Psychologist. His previous studies include engineering at McGill University. He has practiced psychology for 18 years in English and French and is most widely known for his support (therapy, assessment) of children, families and adults facing diverse personal, neurodevelopmental or educational challenges or crises. In his assessments, he specializes in learning disabilities, ADHD, autism and mental health. In his therapeutic work, he uses an integrative approach, drawing primarily upon family systems, mindfulness-based, cognitive-behavioural and Indigenous focusing-oriented modalities. 

Dr. Rick has trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, researched and taught mindfulness, presented at international conferences, and formerly served as an organizational speaker, university lecturer and structural engineer. He has obtained formal training in psychedelic psychotherapy, experienced MDMA-assisted psychotherapy first-hand in a healthy volunteer study, and was a sub-investigator and research therapist for MAPS’ international multi-site study of post-traumatic stress. Rick’s long-standing passion is Indigenous ways of understanding and healing. He interned in a Native American treatment centre, trained in Indigenous complex trauma, and has participated in or supported numerous Indigenous ceremonies and rites. 

Rick has specialised training in the following areas:

  • Clinical and Psychological Research 
  • Statistical Research Analysis
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioural
  • Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy
  • Practitioner training