Our Expertise

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Governance and Strategy

  • All aspects of Corporate Governance
  • Corporate strategy and business models
  • Strategic business planning
  • Organizational structure, resourcing and function
  • Market analysis, definition and penetration
  • Business development, includes but not limited to facilitating viable start-ups and early growth situation

Management Advisory

  • Practical day-to-day executive and ops management advisory
  • Key indicator performance measurement
  • Management and leadership coaching
  • Management team building
  • Conflict resolution

Corporate Finance

  • Financing/investment advisory
  • Capital structure (e.g., valuation, equity/debt mix, financial engineering, optimizing weighted average cost of capital, etc.)
  • M&A

Networking, Negotiating and Deal Making

  • Connecting partners and clinics, Facilitating and negotiating strategic alliances, M&A, etc.

Communications & Marketing

External Communications

  • With customers and potential customers
  • The media and general public
  • government agencies and other key third-parties, including regulators

Internal Communications

  • Including key stakeholders/investors

Operational Advisory,

Protocols & Compliance


Operational Advisory

  • Services Implementation & Licensing
  • Project management support
  • Operational planning
  • Best practices and information sharing
  • Leadership & team development, company culture & communications
  • Practitioner Training

Protocols & Compliance

  • Medical and therapeutic protocol development
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Compliance
  • protocol and operations training



Research Advisory:

  • Specialisation in psychedelic and mental health research
  • Consulting on management, planning and design, implementation, and knowledge translation

Research Implementation:

  • Clinical trials, observational and qualitative research including research protocols, study design / management; health analytics