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Helen Loshny - Psychedelic Development Corporation

Helen Loshny is a transpersonal counsellor with experience in corporate management as well as small business. She has founded numerous non-profits in the health, education and medical sectors. Helen also has experience in clinical systems design and implementation in the integrative and psychedelic medicine fields, and is passionate about team communication strategies and innovative conflict resolution. Helen is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor based in New Westminster BC, specializing in Transpersonal, Spiritual Emergence, Family Systems, Intergenerational Trauma Counselling and Psychedelic Preparation and Integration processes since 2011. Helen is a co-founder of Empower Health Clinic, a multidisciplinary integrated health clinic that started the first legal, interdisciplinary ketamine assisted therapy program in Canada.

Helen is also co-founder and Board member of the Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association of Canada (KATACanada.org), a founding board member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association, a former manager at Numinus Wellness, and a founder of a community-based psychedelic integration network called the Jubilant People. Helen’s interest in community initiatives also extends to her membership of a number of practitioner-led psychedelic practice collectives created to offer mentoring, share learnings and develop best practices in the field and with her life and practice partner she has stewarded a community healing house since 2010. Helen is passionate about contributing to organizations and initiatives that are anchored in holistic values, community regeneration and progressive governance models aimed at upholding the highest standards of care in the delivery of psychedelic services.

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