Dr. Rae St.Arnault, ND


Rae St-Arnault -

Dr. Rae St. Arnault is a founder and director of PsyDev with experience in business, organisational and non-profit development, as well as clinical systems design and implementation in the integrative and psychedelic medicine fields. She has worked in multiple team and stakeholder environments, and has both passion and expertise in bringing innovative governance models and team-based processes into both the private and public sectors.

In 2014 Dr. Rae cofound Empower Health Clinic, where she continues to practice as a licensed naturopathic physician, treating patients with complex and chronic conditions such as immune, neuroendocrine and psychosocial issues.  She is also a co-founder and former ED of the Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association of Canada, where she currently sits on the Policy Committee, and liaises with corporations, research groups and government. 

She is also a co-founder of the Canadian Psychedelic Association, and lead a former community based psychedelic integration organisation called the Jubilant People. She is also a former Clinic and Program Manager at Numinus Wellness.   Through her work with these and other organisations, she has gained extensive first hand experience in developing effective, ethical and community-based clinic models, and is sought after for her knowledge in designing and implementing innovative organisation and team structures, especially in the realm of psychedelic and integrated healthcare models. 


Other Team Members

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