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Adrienne Lewis - Psychedelic Development Corporation

Adrienne Lewis, RN, BsN, MNSc, MS, received her Master of Science in Health Informatics, and a Master of Science in Nursing, in 2017 from the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. Her research study’s area of concern was defining Culturally Safe Nursing Interventions and exploring their representation in Standardized Nursing Languages. Defining Culturally Safe Nursing Interventions is key to determining if those nursing “ways of being” with Indigenous patients can positively affect relationships, and possibly health outcomes.

Although Adrienne’s nursing career began in the field of critical care, she often says she has ” found home” nursing in First Nations communities. After 20 years of nursing, teaching and designing projects in Indigenous communities in BC, her current portfolio includes developing tripartite partnerships that create pathways imbedding Cultural Safety into systems and organizations that intersect with Indigenous peoples. The First Nations Telehealth Expansion and First Nations Meditech Access Project(s) as well as the Splatsin Health Services Cultural Walkthrough and Health Transformation Project; all continue to support full Culturally Safe Circle of Care at Regional and Provincial levels. Currently, Adrienne is working with Maugwa Energy clients, using a relational project management approach, to interweave Cultural Safety and Traditional Knowledge in both the municipal government and industry space.

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